; Vishnu Shanker – XRii

Vishnu Shanker leads XRii development with extensive knowledge and diverse experiences in cutting-edge technologies. As the senior full stack developer, he executes and integrates our award-winning digital solutions. Vishnu’s creative vision and technical skill translate into real value for our partners and customers.

Before joining XRii, Vishnu worked on large-scale projects at ANZ Bank, Regal Beloit, and the Defense Science and Technology Group. His contributions have improved high-traffic internet banking, submarine power systems, and more.

Vishnu is a life-long learner who is passionate about exploring the newest technology, including augmented reality development, React.JS, Angular, AWS, MongoDB, Node.JS, Express, HTML5, and React-native. Of course, he’s also proficient in Mountebank, Python, Go, Docker, Adobe XD, Jekyll, Jest, CSS3, Jasmine, Mocha, Bitbucket, Github, and Confluence.