; Matthew Endresz – XRii

Matthew Endresz founded XRii to transform the way brands, sporting organisations, and events connect with customers. His transformative vision for the extended reality space has been years in the making, and it doesn’t stop here.

As XRii’s CEO, Matthew works closely with our product developers and business development team, whom he leads with clear, strategic objectives. His vision for XRii is rooted in delivering data-driven value for business partners and customers through simple, impactful solutions.

Matthew is also the managing director at Zukaz – a proud partner of XRii that won the Australian Business Innovation Award in 2021. Over the years, he has contributed to Zukaz from virtually every angle, including previous positions in compliance, business development, and support.

Outside of XRii, Matthew enjoys investing in technology businesses, playing heaps of sports, and spending time with his friends, family, and dogs.