; Liam Scammell – XRii

Liam joins XRii after three years in several roles with start-up AR marketing platform Zukaz most recently as the Chief Operating Officer.

Working from its infancy, when Zukaz was just a concept, through the live release of the mobile application and beyond. Liam’s role initially was as Marketing and Commercial Manager, where along with the leadership team he developed and lead the go-to-market strategy. This included setting the strategic direction of the organisation, developing marketing and sales strategies while also managing both the Sales and Marketing teams.

Liam conducted a significant amount of relationship management, both internally and externally with merchant partners, media, and creative agencies as the Zukaz brand was built from scratch.

More recently in his role as COO, Liam’s focus has been on building organisational structure, developing and implementing operational and growth strategies, while fostering the individual development of the team.

With a background in Sports Business and Events, Liam will bring a wealth of experience to the XRii team.