; Social Gamification – XRii

Create a buzz and long-term engagement with integrated gamification

Authentic Experiences

Use real-time data to get to know your customers and provide targeted gamification and rewards that resonate.

Improve Adoption Rates

Accelerate adoption by using fun and engaging gamified experiences to educate and incentivise customers.

Support Customer Loyalty and Brand Building

Generate a sense of community by offering personalised gameplay and social sharing, all with your own branding.

Enhance Customer Motivation

Use interactive games, challenges, and Augmented Reality experiences to drive repeat sales and motivate customers to frequently interact with your business.

Collectables and Badges

Reward customers with badges, digital collectables, tokens, or points that can be redeemed for good or services.

Challenges and Leaderboards

Create point-driven, in-app challenges and Augmented Reality adventures that drive customers to your business.

Social Media Integration

It’s better with friends! Allow your customers to share in the fun, compete and keep up with friends with social sharing.