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Always Free

Up to 1,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs)

Basic Includes:
  • Rewards and Loyalty
  • Social Gamification
  • Augmented Reality Geo-Mapping
  • Email on Weekdays 9 AM – 5 PM

Starting at $126/month

Scalable pricing based on Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs)

Includes Free Features Plus:
  • 24/7 Chat, Email, and Phone Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Questions? We’ve got answers.

With our scalable pricing system, you’ll only pay for proven engagement. MTUs are the number of unique users who have engaged with at least one event in the past month, and this is calculated across all solutions.

For brands with exceptionally high engagement when users average more than 1,000 events in a month, we will calculate the total number of events divided by 1,000.

Growth is a good thing! We won’t stop collecting your data or limit user access. If engagement exceeds your plan, you will be billed $0.126/MTU at the start of the following month.

Let’s walk through an example:

If you subscribe to the $126/month Essential Plan, you have a 1,000 MTU allotment . In January  you might record 1,500 MTU. On February 1, you will be billed $126 for February’s monthly base fee plus $63 for January’s MTU overage.
(If you have an annual plan, the scenario is the same–your overage fee will be applied at the start of the next month, but you will not be charged the monthly base fee.)

You can also set up alerts to track when MTUs exceed your plan. Receipts are automatically sent out to all organisation members who have signed up with billing access, and you can review your financial history at any time in the XRii dashboard.

Annual plans prepay for the entire year, rather than month-to-month. We reward that commitment by offering discounted MTU rates for the entire year.

To calculate MTUs, we recommend adding your monthly active users (MAU) with the number of anonymous users that engage with your brand each month.

MTUs are counted monthly when they trigger an event. Even if they engage multiple times across different devices, each user will only be counted once.

Let us know if you need help selecting a plan!