; Augmented Reality Geo-Mapping – XRii

Transform real-world experiences

Get a Competitive Edge

Attract customers through unique and rewarding Augmented Reality experiences that generate ROI and gain valuable insights.

Capture Attention

Construct engaging brand activations and promotions that break down barriers and create impactful experiences beyond the status quo.

Engagement Beyond Transactions

Transform customer relationships that extend beyond the purchasing process using Augmented Reality and Geo-Mapping technology.

Be in Control of your Marketing

Use Geo-Mapping technology to increase footfall, strategically move customer traffic, analyse behaviours and identify new markets.

Mini Games

Interactive and addictive, Mini Games are the most effective AR experience to shoot up engagement and the shareability of your business.

Location-Based World Tracking

Allow your customers to experience AR content in their real world environment. Use the plane tracker to track surfaces, recognise objects and understand locations. It’s like the real world, but better!

Product Promotions

Instantly create an emotional connection with your customers by displaying your products or sponsors within the AR experience.

Treasure Hunts

Create your own “Pokemon Go” treasure hunt for your customers.

AR treasure hunts are guaranteed to achieve higher in-person engagement and awareness.

Image Trackers

Allow customers to interact with your business whilst incorporating physical products, driving customers to engage further with posters, logos or billboards.

Custom Branded Augmented Reality

Working closely with our team as we begin crafting your AR experience – first by understanding your users, then by applying user experience best practices through wire-framing and prototyping. Ultimately, the product is polished off to create the most memorable experience possible for your customers.

Unlock Deeper Location and Behaviour Insight

Watch AR interactions on your dashboard in real-time.

Track performance every step of the way.

Measure ROI with robust, transparent data points.