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Reimagining High-Value Experiences

XRii isn’t just pushing boundaries in marketing and engagement – we’re eliminating them. With the right tools at your fingertips, you can bring communities together, build a more loyal fan base, and blow away the competition with memorable, interactive experiences.

Rooted in Value

Our Vision

Connect and empower businesses and customers with innovative, award-winning experiences that deliver value.

Limitless Innovation

Our Mission

To be the #1 place businesses come to reimagine their customer’s engagement and experience.

Transparent and Focused

Our Values

Free to Excel with Fewer Distractions

We trust every member of our team to play their part. Our supportive environment is centered around your freedom and independent accomplishments. We live for adventure with an open-minded, optimistic, and supportive outlook. At XRii, you’ll have fewer meetings and a lot less email, so you can focus on what really matters. We thrive on rigorous discussions and focused autonomy.

A Culture Built for Builders

You’ll work alongside exceptional people who insist on doing their best work to achieve XRii’s mission. People with relentlessly high standards who inspire others to do more and go further. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our company and set the same high standards for our program partners. Through honest self-reflection, we have the courage to admit when we’re wrong, and we’ll never stop improving.

Focus on the Customer

• Meet customers often. • Put customers front and centre. • We deeply understand their problems, not solutions. • Fall in love with the problem and look to solve it every day. • Drive value with a positive impact. • Never lose sight of what matters most – your goals, ROI, growth, and community.

Dream Big, Ship Small, Learn Fast

Everything is possible, but you have to start small. The faster we ship, the faster we'll fail, the faster we'll learn and the faster we'll succeed. Don’t get lost in complexity. We’ll never lose sight of what really matters. At XRii, we focus on a small number of solutions that deliver the most value.

Our Locations

XRii has offices in Albury and Melbourne along with a team of remote colleagues who work from home. Just like our digital solutions, we take a flexible, collaborative approach to business by hiring based on talent, rather than location.



Meet Our Team

Matthew Endresz

Founder and CEO

Liam Scammell

Chief Operating Officer

Vishnu Shanker

Vice-President of Engineering

Riley Redford

Head of Business Success

Georgia Tighe

Head of Marketing

Daniel Robertson

Head of Product

Thorsten Bux

AR Specialist